Monday, December 14, 2015

Trying to stick with my new schedule

 Part one, Staying on Schedule.

  Wow has this been a struggle. I have been up as planned, before 9:30 am every day. Last night I could not fall asleep on my own to save my life. I have no clue how late I tossed and turned. I had set the alarm on my phone for nine am and I was up at 8:57 am. This is funny because I hate alarm clocks so much that I woke up and forced myself to get up knowing it would go off. So I haven't messed up my get up time at all but the low dose seraquil is not working anymore. The Dr. will raise the dose and I will hate it had to be done but I need to fall asleep or I won't be staying in bed rolling around another night and I want to sleep so I may will start the higher dose tonight, up to 150 mg.

 Waking up is awesome though and that gets me through. I have art, coloring, WSOP Poker to play, critters to tend to. I just am so happy with my life finally, it has been a long time coming. We just Pray, love and do our best and enjoy or plow through what we are given.

  This picture is one of my new favorites. It took me days to do. DH first saw it and said, "that will take ten years". So I teased him when it was done by saying, "That was a long ten years". I love being able to tease someone. He has taught me to  come back out of my shell a bit with him.

  . During the afternoon my DH comes to my huge art filled room and spends time with me. hours at a time. When the therapists tell you to change you to save your relationship  (I had looked up ways to save a relationship), do it, it worked for me. I am actually falling in love all over again. Which is so much fun, considering I love my husband dearly already. So this giddy, new relationship feeling, is awesome. Mixing it with an already deep love, is a Blessing. I love you honey. I don't know if you read, and please if you do, I do not want to know. *cough* seriously, do not tell me.

  Christmas decorations...

 Our beautiful cat/kitten Julia has knocked down the one real Christmas decoration I hung, which is a huge Candy Cane.

  Decorating at all for Christmas isn't really looking good. Though I am happy that yesterday the laminating machine messed up one picture, it crinkled it, and it was DHs' picture. I was so upset. He just cut it down and it looked so nice I  hung it and had him cut mine down too. We plan on coloring a few more to hang. Here is my picture and his and also the non colored coloring page. I made two sizes to color next.


 Coloring pages.

 I am enjoying coloring. My big gift from my husband was the Tombow Brush pens, and a bunch of Sharpies. I love them both. I have always been a Sharpie lover though. Oh also a while back, DH got me a 24 pack of Copic markers. They run out too fast but are by far the best markers I have.


                                             Sharpie Love

                                                   More Sharpies and Copics.

So to step up the results of my hobby, I have started watching Youtube videos on shading. I am learning so much. I apparently am a bit slow on the uptake since it just occurred to me that I do not have to draw the dragon fly so I have something to color, I can look up dragon fly coloring pages. I used to be great at drawing what I saw. The video went so fast I wasn't able to get mine drawn well. I would have paused but DH was watching too. So maybe today, I will find some to print and also go back and hit pause on the actual dragon fly. I will share my results if I follow through.

  Here is hubbys dragonfly which I love and a car he is currently working on, and my peacock that I tried to do shading on.

 I do love the peacock. I hope I can make it better. I have no idea what color I should go to next for the base of the feathers by her body.

 My Babies.

 Angel, my heart rat laid down by the table leg and fell asleep. It was a bit far but I cropped the picture down and when I got the camera out I woke him. But I love the picture just the same. While free roaming, Angel uses a litter box I leave down for him that has rabbit food in it as litter. Cheap and easy to clean up. win-win. Also my kitty girl Cammie who is always near me. The photos uploaded in a weird order so I will write under them. This blog post took forever. I feel accomplished. Go Me! :o)

                                     I keep snacks near my computer and of course my coloring markers.

                                         Going to bring another living room chair up stairs and                    
                                         make a little living room in my bedroom.

                                         He comes up on my lap on his own while he has free range time.

                                             Sleepy Angel.

                                          My best friend, my stalker. Love you Cammie Rose.

                                                               THE END (for today)

                                                              I am watching you Mama. All the time.


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