Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Games that make you pay to play

Candy Crush Saga

 I am disabled physically, and also mentally different then a lot of people so I spend a lot of time playing computer games. I do not have a problem paying for a game. One time fee. It is games like Candy Crush Saga and WSOP that prey on people with addictions who just want to play games they like. I will never give these games my money. Seeing someone upset due to having no more play time on these games is sad and the makers do not care. All they care about is money. Well, You won't get my money Candy Crush Saga or any of the other games that make you pay more then once to play.

  Another way I look at it is, I actually loved (but deleted it and wont play it) Candy Crush Saga but I cannot afford to play it and do not have the friends to send me lives, nor do I want to friend people just for a game or make another facebook just to get friends to play, that becomes too much of a pain. I just wanted to sit back and play. I would have paid a one time fee of twenty dollars possibly to get to enjoy it. But not what they are asking. No way. 

  If you are reading this and want some cool games to play that do not ask for money or only ask once use google play store and google. One of my favorites is Flow Free Bridges. Another is Clutter IV. I have over 30 games on my computer though so if you want other recommendations just ask. I will be glad to share. Remember, if you spend your money that you know you shouldn't, that takes away from your food money or important stuff you need, on games that are constantly asking, you will have nothing to show for it except an empty belly and regret and these big gaming companies are rich, preying on the weak and disabled do not allow yourself to be a victim, we are smarter then that. 


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