Thursday, November 12, 2015

(I wrote this six years ago) 

Is My Child Down Syndrome or does my child "have" Down Syndrome?

*In Honor Of Kristen the Rock Star... May she sing with the Angels. Rip sweet girl. Rip.

After I wrote this I lost my house due to the roof caving in and everything fell apart. I lost my other laptop to a virus and almost five years later I have gotten a new one. I will be spending time catching up with Kristen's family, they still write which is awesome. Being gone from the internet so long, or rather not having a computer to make reading easier, coming back and everything is like I left it. My poor brain works too much. So I will be writing and  hopefully calming my thoughts down to a slow crawl. seems when I get  my thoughts out I can relax a bit. Below is from six years ago. I am glad to be back finally!!!

I am 40 yrs old and was diagnosed on the autism spectrum 4ish years ago. Professionally about 3. I googled my diagnosis. I entered things about me that weren't like others and found a fit. It fits too good. As I sit outside my Moms house getting ate up by mosquito's I try to figure out my next move. But I will say, I am autism. I was so upset to find out that the things I like, do, have done 99% autism things. I was angry that every little thing I loved about me I share with so many others like me. I still don't know, if I will ever find something about myself that is just mine so when I saw that question above the other day, then again today somewhere else (sorry, I didn't know I would be posting on it so didn't note where I saw it)

* Polly If you ever end up here, I am so sorry for your loss. I have been following your blog since Kristen was 21 and until today, Never really said or thought Kristen and Down Syndrome in the same sentence. She is to this day as are you my inspiration.


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