Thursday, November 12, 2015

just a simple update

November 12, 2015

  Middle of the night and just decided to write again. I am writing soley for myself right now. I doubt what I go through can help any one at this time. I had a horrid wake up in extreme pain. Also had a headache but the barometric pressure dropped so I guess I can blame it on that. I am living in Emporia KS at the moment and really love it here. We live in a two story house that is hold and tips all over and now has wild mice but I love it here. Winter is coming. Very slowly this time. Today is the first in a while that it is in the fifties and it started at four pm. I still raise ratties and have Taylor and Cammie and also a little orange female cat named Orange Julias. Aka Julia. My anxiety gets more severe as I age. I do believe the pain is going to win out and I will seek a different Dr. further from home. I will see.

  In the news.. Starbucks Christmas cup... So much has been said on this already. I don't go to starbucks because I am not paying five or more dollars for one cup of coffee. If I had the money to throw away I would get a horse and name it Starbucks, something I have always said.

 Eight year old boy to be charged in murder of 1 year old he beat to death because she wouldn't quit screaming. They are also charging the little girls Mom which they should. But charging an eight year old that I will guess was beat for being loud and doing what he had done to him, I personally don't like that at all. If they run him through therapy and find he was not beat then I would suggest intense therapy, actually no matter what he will probably need that, but definitely if he acted without witnessing this in his life. He needs Prayers which is something I can do for him from home.

 Eleven year old shot and killed his eight year old neighbor because she wouldn't show him her puppy. In the comments someone stated that this boy was in trouble for bullying this girl in school. I Pray for her parents and his. The gun was his  parents and they both should be charged in the murder. In this day and age, everyone knows to lock up guns. Three decades ago when I was eight, my Dad had many guns, taught me to shoot and respect guns. They were still not left unlocked way back then. People are crying take the guns away from people. I do not agree. I do not wish to not have the choice to have my guns in the house or not. It should be my choice, well, it is my choice right now. I wish to keep that as my choice. I do not fear gun owners as a whole and no one should. This little boy was so angry, I believe with everything in me, he would have grabbed a kitchen knife if he didn't have the gun. I also believe there would have still been a gun in that house!!!!! His parents did not show any care when not locking up their gun, even knowing it is the law. I would peg them as a gun owner even if the right to own guns freely was gone.

  I am writing here because I have my thoughts on things and need an outlet. I do not wish to get involved in the comment wars people have. I know many people agree and many don't. This is not written to change minds. I am really not expecting a ton of readers or am I looking for readers. I just love to write. The feeling of the key board. But I cannot write things I do not live. I have a simple life, I play computer games and read news online and watch tv. So simple stuff and I enjoy it. Please if you comment, keep that in mind. xoxoxo

April 5, 2014 I did not realize that this blog was even still active. i received an email saying it was gone. i am doing ok. livng back in ks. im going to post this to see how it works and try to post a cutie picture of my grand daughter too.


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