Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let's do it. Get a blog post done that is.

This ones for you Noelle. Thanks for saying your interested in what I might happen to be able to get down on this here blog.

O.k. Attempt to write temp thwarted by belly trouble. I shall return.

I am back. That happens E.V.E.R.Y time I try to post a blog post. Moving on. I plan to go as long as I can and just hit publish so the topics are going to have to be "light" because I always question what I want to publish and after 3 attempts this week and really really long posts that were written and dumped because I panicked about posting them, I am going to try another route.

So. I am 40 (41 aug 4) and recently moved back home to My Moms house. I left home the first time when I was 10. Yes you read that right 10. So wanting to be back here with her was a big dream of mine. I even stayed single (like I have any business in a relationship anyways) so I could move back here. I have security in knowing I don't ever have to move again but that is it. I don't have my own room. I spend most days outside with the mosquito's and I am allergic to everything around me. Outside is the less allergy choice. I am of course allowed in the house more though I can't breath very well inside. The glades plug ins I am allergic to. the dust. The cats. and its just easier to stay out here. And this was to be a "light" post. Huh.

Something simple about my life. Oh, I am going out of town in a week or so, possibly less and I cannot wait! The gal I am going to see is someone I would choose as my own kid if you know, it worked that way and her Hubby is also like a son to me. And they have kids now that I am excited to meet as when I left Fl. in 2005 or 6? They didn't have the kiddo's so yeah, I am stoked. I have always been good with kids. They accept me for who I am without question for the most part. I want to see the sights a bit and possibly go to the theme park but not big plans except hanging out which is the exact right speed for me. Slow and steady.

I have a problem with migraines. And I can feel one coming on so I will go for now. Thanks for reading.


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