Monday, May 17, 2010

Two days in a row. (amazing)

Well I needed to bounce out of bed this morning. My Mom is so not big on "tension" (her word for it for today). I asked her last night to wake me and bring me my baby (Taylor, my Service dog) this morning and she said if she remembered. So I couldn't sleep in. All that work I did yesterday in anticipation that I would get to sleep in since the house would be quiet was BLOWN! and I am ok. Smiling even. No one is dragging me down again. (O.K I am trying positivity. Go with it. Especially if you know me.)

I asked my sister to NOT feed my dog. NOT let her jump on her. Last time I slept in and she came over to go to work with Mom she let her do both THEN called me that night to "brag" about it. I was Pissed. so instead of letting that happen again I have to prevent it. She is a Service Dog. Not a pet you can just let do what she has been taught not too. So yeah, I'm up and now my sister is not talking to me cause I flipped out on her last time. Seriously?? What did she expect? Me to let her walk all over me like she used to? It AIN'T happening again. I finally grew a backbone somewhere along the way. I love her dearly. She raised me but wow is she mean. She has always had 2 sides. The caring I love you taking care of me side then the side where she talked about me behind my back and always was verbal mean. I don't even know if she realizes it. I wish she could just be nice. Find God in her heart. I will keep Praying for it. Until then, I guess its best if we don't hang around together. I get "Judgmental" around her and that isn't good for my soul. Off to try to enjoy my day. xoxo, Kandi


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