Monday, February 22, 2010

My dishes are not washed

I wash as I need them. I have a fear of water that is deep and I may have mentioned it before. So eating is finger stuff, snacks, yogurt, cheese et. Last time I shopped it took me six days to even get a ride but I managed to get there and got batter in a can for pancakes. Which is my all time favorite meal. The first one was delicious and burned. Tonight, I felt like I needed to push again and washed a dish and pan and made two nice size pancakes even better then the first time. I am hooked. They are awesome. I was never in danger of starving so I am just impressed that I don't have to eat so much crap. Oh and if not mentioned prior I made salmon and pea's too last week I think and OMGAH that was delicious.

Whats your favorite EASY to make under ten minute tastes like a real meal-meal, please share.


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