Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sad makes happy

This won't be long. I just wanted to note that even though I was made very sad today by hurtful words, I feel lighter without the worry of my cell phone going off every two seconds. I only have a few peoples tweets that come to my phone, and mostly for Prayer purposes, NBI (OMG-he just made me laugh out loud!), Kristimcmom (who has just been released off the mobile alerts since her Miracle baby is here safely and Taylorswift13. So yeah, not really the communicating type. Weird I love twitter so much I guess. NBI if you start tweeting more then oh say once every week, your off too. :o) I still heart you and her and the mini you guys so much, know that, and the twin that is like me in a certain way. :o)

The point is, and someone I just read said the same thing, Home all day makes people think you need to be available to them. Well, my whole life has been devoted to those drop in people. I never (really) took the time for me. So now that I have some how stood up for and pissed off two very close people in my life, I am going to Pray for them and suck in my Christmas gift. Time. Time to do crafts, watch TV, Play with my dog and so on. Oh and resolutions, never been big on them but I think my one for the new year will be, get my shit together. And I will be starting simple. Eat breakfast, call Mom every day and get my meds in me on time. Sure looks easy in print. we shall see. First thing I need to get is the new years flip 365 day calander. Then just put plan into action. And to start off the New year, if my sis follows through, I will have my three girls to help me kick off the New year. So Yay. xoxo, Kandi Ann


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