Saturday, December 05, 2009


My Dearest Chatters,

You turned 2 yrs old yesterday. I am very unhappy with myself that I didn't get this post up for you yesterday. It was a very hard day for your Mama and I. Your supposed to be with us. That is what logic tells us. That is what our hearts tell us. That is what is true in all things belonging to this life. A baby shouldn't be ripped away from his Mama when he is so tiny and needs her so badly. They could have found her housing when your biological Father hurt her and she became homeless. Which brings me to, Your 2 yrs old little man and we can't hug you and celebrate this big achievement with you.

I am writing you in hopes that one day you will see all we have compiled for you and know how much we love you and how much a part of us you are, Even though your adoptive parents get the joy of raising you. I hope you never blame them for you not having us. They were just there with beautiful open loving arms to accept you as their own and could only know what they were told. They didn't know till your brother was with your Mom and they saw pictures that the placement wasn't right. And then, well, its not legal to just give you back, nor do I think they want to since we have had no more pictures of you since. Guilt? maybe? Or maybe they moved you away. We will find out this year before Christmas. We have to know your safe and loved and try to give you the chance to grow up knowing your brother and Mama and Daddy (The Dad who loves you as his own though not biological, and as you already know, you don't need to be blood related to be loved to the moon and back!) We are all making a trip to your county and see what we can come up with.

What I want to say that I am missing the most is you! the simple joy of you! The hugs, the telling each other we love each other. Giggling together. Playing with the toys and bonding and hot chocolate together across the dining room table and just spoiling you rotten as only a Grandma can. I am your Maymay. You are my Grandson. We will be together again and I am sure I will hug you so long you will be squirming for me to stop, but I can't promise you I will. Hope that day comes sooner then later and I hope you had the best Birthday Party any 2 yr old ever could have. I love you so much Trevor Lynn. So very much. xoxo, Maymay

**Added pictures Jan 13,09

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