Monday, October 19, 2009

Bud, Boog and Peanut,

I can't believe I just talked to all three of you on the phone. Since you have been gone, I think about you all so much. I just got all your pictures hung on the walls of my new rental home. Which I hope to be in for a long time. The moving thing, really isn't my thing.

Bud, You just got over being sick and you told me you puked in school twice. That had to be hard. You read to me out of your books and when I interrupted you, you told me you were NOT DONE. Lol. So cute. You also told me the stuffed dog "Scooby" I got you was stolen. I am so sorry. That dog was bigger then you when you left here. I know how much you loved him. You asked me if he could have turned into a "real" dog. I am sorry I had to tell you no. I would have loved to let you have that dream. You also said you wanted to come see me. Which I wish you could too. You moving to another state just ripped my heart out. Like you said, Maybe at Christmas time when you come see your Dad, I hope I can see you then. And Then, you asked if I wanted to talk to Boogie. I said yes. I didn't know what else to say...

So Boogs, OMG (I hear that is your new favorite thing to say kiddo) You TALKED TO ME, When you left you didn't talk a lot and now we had a whole conversation. Your not even three yet and you are having a long conversation, yes, it blows my mind. You asked to talk to Grandma, I said she said hi and you said, "No She Didn't!". I am amazed that when you were with me and would talk to my Mom or "Grandma", or just listen mostly as was the case, that you remember that. Its just crazy to me. Then Mama asked me if I wanted to talk to Peanut or hear her say "hi" and of couse I said yes..

Peanut.. Your not even 2 yet and I am sure you don't remember me. But I remember you so much. And I can't believe how much I am missing. Your Mom got you to say "Hi" and it tickled me to no end.

Girls, I Miss you all so much and your Mama. I hope your all happy. xoxo, Love, Auntie Kandi


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