Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is there a way to make a title for a post?

Title: Why I follow some people on twitter. Cause I wanted to and @jasonyounger asked.

Wow, so much to say. first @jasonyounger asked every one who you enjoy following and why? 140 characters isn't enough to answer so I am making a blog post about the peeps I follow on Twitter, I won't repeat the ones I already have done as they were posted to my twitter and can be found easy enough (I think? If you want posted again, just ask, I will gladly re write it). probably more then he meant but I started this project recently on my own so I might as well get it finished as I really wanted every one to know why I follow them just because. I would love to know why people follow me, though I can only imagine its like a train wreck, you just can't stop watching.

alittlepregnant-This twitter belongs to a wonderful gal that had a blog I found many years ago when I had a hysterectomy and decided that it was safe to want to be a Mom because I couldn't do so and the best way was to read others stories on infertility, actually just found her twitter today so hit follow to see what's up.

Ade1965, TheEllenShow, cracked, postsecret, SydesJokes, FunnyJoker-These I am following for the funny stuff they post.

MamaNotes-I hit follow as I noticed you following me. Hi!

Richard_RN -I hit follow as I noticed you following me. Hi!

Tronoleum, Grimmit- I love these kids.

Area51josh-Animal lover. Funny.

cj3rd- Love to read thoughtful tweets.

Cyrus family and a few friends, I follow because after purchasing Mileys album because Taylor Swift had a song on it, I realized this kid can sing. I follow the rest of her crew because it is sweet to see a family interact that adores each other.

blurb & dooce- What a team. So funny, can't imagine not following them. Their blogs are great also.

redneckmommy-Love her blog, and her tweets are even funnier.

MckMama-I read to make sure I don't miss out on oppurtunities to Pray for her darling son Stellan.

Chookooloonks-Used to read her blog way back. Recently found her on Twitter and decided to see whats up.

misszoot-I follow you because I love reading your blog and your tweets are funny.

Tertia-Blog reader for years. Love this gal.

newbornidentity, friendsofmaddie, mamaspohr - I follow for updates on their blogs. To hear how their Pregnancy is going and to get updates that I can RT for their beautiful daughters blog where Mom & Dad are trying to take something horrible and turn it into something great.

GreenEyedMonst, tweetalacart-First person that ever commented me so I hit follow.

Followtheblonde, reba, WilliamShatner, therealpickler, taylorswift13- These are some of the most amazing people I know that I have yet to meet.

cesarmillan- We have A lot in common on our training ways and if I weren't as sick as I am I think I could help others the way he does.

AspieWorld ,service_dogs, Dogsfordisabled,SSDOGS, ServiceDog I follow these but don't get the time to catch up like I would. I have a Service Dog and one in training and have Aspergers so that sums it up.

I left a few out because I haven't really had a chance to read to see whats going on and if I will stay following. One I left off is just mean and hrm. I should just hit "unfollow" but don't know how I guess. (not literally)

And this was harder then it should have been, sitting up at the computer to type is hard on me though I said I would do this so I did. I could have made it even longer and sappier but just know, If your on this list & I made an attempt to tell you why I follow you, Know I adore you.



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