Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why Me?

My daughter just became from the sound of it, a very proud Mama to a new puppy. He is doing all the things pups do once they are adjusted to their new home. Its as though he has always been there.

The thing is, he isn't in good shape. Though my daughter isn't my bio kid, I could claim it and no one would question it. Though that is a post for another day. Today I want to talk about jobs God asks of us and we do them and sometimes don't even know why we are chosen or that its even God that has given us a particular job.

All my life, from as early as I can remember, very sick animals have been dumped on me, I have found them on the road side, in front of stores, in a dumpster once in Georgia (It was a Weimaraner
Weimaraner that was gold with green eyes. Nothing else wrong with her except she wasn't perfect! Her story had a happy ending). A lot of these babies weren't able to be saved even with the best vet care options. I was there to love them, try to save them and cry while they laid in my arms taking their last breath. I always asked God, "Why Me?". And as long as I have known my daughter, the same thing happens to her. God brought me to her and he brings us these babies in dire need. So today when she asked, "Why Me?" I told her that God trusts her with these babies and that was a good enough answer for her. I have finally after years of this stopped asking why me and embraced my role in these Blessed creatures lives. I Thank God that he trusts me with his precious cargo. So for me, Why Me? isn't asked any longer. One day she won't have to ask that any more either. xoxo.

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