Sunday, September 27, 2009

 Nov 26 2015, Thanksgiving day... I have come back and reread this. I really am glad I have started writing again because I have ZERO recall on this post. I cannot place who any one of these people are. I hate the fact my mind blanks out so much of my past. This update was posted while my husband Dustin is downstairs preparing the turkey for today. We live in Kansas and I am upstairs in my room since I haven't been feeling great lately. I have cable finally and a little laptop and I am content and happy with what I have been blessed with. We were without for many years..

Child Abuse is NEVER acceptable

Edited to add: The father is now saying he is going for full custody of "K" and "N" (Mama) asked the police if he could and they said that the abuse cannot be proven and that the welt looked like a scratch to them. Nice to know that police are able to make judgment calls like this. I feel really bad for N. I want to help her. I just don't know how, except to encourage her to use her voice. She is very mild mannered, tempered and soft spoken.

First let me start out with, the police are investigating the case of abuse and Thank God "K" wasn't hurt worse, though no abuse is much more ideal. Its over with and now I hope they lock the lady up.

After the episode last night with my neighbors, the darling meth using, Parental unit of child gun wielding, drunk screaming jerks scared the crap out of me, I called "N" my caregiver, the one that is pregnant, the one I worry over so much. I asked her to come in today and gave her a small update on what happened. She said no problem.

When she came in, she was holding her phone and said that the babysitter, also her dear friend "J" called her and said her little girl "K" had a huge mark on her and said that her Dads GF/Wife (I am not sure which) hit her in the head and side with a hair brush. She said send picture. When we saw the picture, I flipped, this little girl had a huge welt on her tiny little side (she is 4). She asked if she should call the police, I said absolutely and she had "J" call the police. "K" goes to her Dads on the weekends. I told her I wouldn't send her back. (Then again, I would take my kid and run if they tried to force me to send my kid somewhere unsafe) N is going to call her attorney and see what else can be done. I hope the police do their jobs. She lives in another town and I don't know how competent they are over there. It took talking to her Mama on the phone for the little girl to tell the police what happened. She was scared she would get in trouble for telling. Mama comforted her and she was able to tell them what happened.

And the update. "K" is doing ok and the welt is gone already so its a good thing they got the picture when they did. Physical abuse is a hard thing for a kid to deal with, I lived it. and long after the marks are gone she will still remember. Please Pray for little "K" and their family that she doesn't have to be in this womans care again. And she gets properly treated for the abuse she dished out. Being 5 mos pregnant and seeing your little girl hurt cannot be good for a lady. Prayers for N too please. xoxo


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