Saturday, September 26, 2009

What a day...

I went to bed early last night cause "T" was to be here at a bit after 8 am, *since I missed my package in the mail yesterday. She runs a paper route at night though and she was a bit late. I usually wake up with a big anxiety attack when my care givers are late, but this morning I had a feeling that she might have had a break down or something as the jeep hasn't been running the best. Empathy. Something I am told/have read that is hard for someone like me, an Aspie to express. I do feel lots of empathy I promise but yeah, expressing it, not so good at that. I did tell her I was a tad concerned. I took that step out of my comfort zone and am happy I did. It shows me I can learn new skills.

"T" stopped and got the package and showed up with her 8 yr old daughter "H" and asked if it was o.k to bring her with her to work. Uh, Yeah, I guess, your already here so why not. Sponge Bob is not my friend. His show is loud and scrappy and I couldn't sleep through it so I gave up and got up.

We immediately started hauling stuff to the new place. "H" and I stayed there and got things put away while Mom ran back for another load. That kid is hyper and doesn't listen when I ask her to leave the critters alone though she is amazingly (like me) task oriented. I gave her a task, (sorting clothes/socks et) and she stuck to it till she was done. I gave her a bunch of fun stuff I had from when my niece lived here in town. She was so excited.

Then we all went to walmart. I found a little preemie girl outfit for another friends baby (online) but they only had a girl one so bleh. I will try again another day. I was shocked to find any preemie clothes at all so at least they are starting to sell preemie stuff. A big improvement.

We ate at Subway and left "H" with her Grandma for Church tomorrow. She wanted to stay with us, it was sweet.

Fast forward to.. Oh first, my caregiver is a licensed nurse, so I can say nurse instead of caregiver and be politically correct. She can sort my meds legally and so on. So Yay. The other girl isn't certified and 5 mos pregnant and needs the job and I just don't know what to do. I am afraid of her hurting herself as she is always in pain and holding her back and her little boy seems to be sitting on her spine. She is coming in for 4 hours or so tomorrow because...

My drunk arse ex to be landlords were throwing beer cans in my yard, their sandpaper stuff, In my yard and their kids In MY yard shoot off air guns. I asked them nicely to go shoot in their own yard so they don't hit me or my dogles and in return the guy started screaming at my barking dogs to shut the F up and I asked him to not hollar at them and I was on the phone with a friend who was freaking because as he said, I was being all polite. ERG. And he said that he would blast the stereo if I wanted to see impolite. I told him FINE. Radio is fine, knock yourself out, and he spun around and asked if I liked rap, I said YEP Loud as you want. hehe. It was those guns I was worried about and the noises they made. I just came in and haven't stopped shaking sense. First their stuff, then their truck and now their weapon weilding kids In MY yard. Why yes, (thanks for askin) I do have boundry issues. I hate that my kitten loving self thought of horrible things I could do to them for torturing me, then I asked forgiveness for thinking those things (flat tires, broken windows, you know, teenage stuff. :o( ) and txted my pregnant friend that works for me and she is coming in tomorrow to help me get more crap moved.

Which brings me to, OMGOSH, the carpets have been shampoo'd already and are most disgusting still. I want new carpets. I just left a message for new landlord to see about a new carpet. I am on two different breathing meds and I really don't even want to think whats in that carpet. Plus I love being barefoot in my own home. I have a no shoes rule for visitors due to dirt and stickers. I just need my home to be my safe/clean place. Pray (If your reading this) that they will give me a replacement kitchen dining room carpet. The rest of the house seems ok I think. Ok. Think that about covers my day. Going to wake the doggles and see if they want to play or something. Have a great night. xoxo

*That goes with my I am jinxed theory. The package was still in NEW YORK when I tracked it. It has NEVER EVER EVER shown up the same day it shows location as New York when I am home. NEVER. I have left 2 x in as many years to go out on New York days and BOTH, count them, ONE TWO, both dang times they showed up while I was out. Seriously? It only happens to me out of all the people I know personally. Any one else out there jinxed? I would love to hear all about it. :oP


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