Monday, December 07, 2009


I am really surprised to find myself wanting to do a blog entry. I wanted to use a fancy font though the options are not very great. So, no fun looking font for this entry. Tis Ok.

One of the things heavy on my mind is another blog I read. I won't put who, though, I want to tell them but I know people think I am a freak anyways so I don't want to put undo weirdness there. Here is my space so I will put it here so I can come back to it and remember, I told myself so. ha!

I have a great ability to "know" (or guess if you wish) what a baby will be before its born. Sometimes before the person even knows they are pregnant. One time, when a pregnancy was ended and I told the person I "dreamt" of a beautiful Blond hair, curly hair little boy about two, and the person broke down in tears and confessed, Oh Lord I could have done without knowing this, but the pregnancy had been ended that day and no one was being told but I triggered something and the horrible news was shared with me. I can still see this little angel boy as clear as over 20 yrs ago.

Another time, more recently, about 5 yrs agoish, my sister told me my niece was pregnant and I immediately saw "twins". I told my sister and she said, she is only 8 wks pregnant and no sonogram yet. Well, I have two great nieces now, faternal twins. lol. It just goes on and on. I "felt" a dear friend, Like a daughter/daughter in law to me would never be able to "have" babies. I felt it so strongly. She has two kiddo's now. Though her uterus wouldn't let her "give birth" the way most wish to. I don't know if that counted or not. I threw that one in the wrong pile anyways.

And that brings me to. Reading, The baby blogs I am brought to, I believe with all my heart its meant to be, at a higher level, Our creators level, and I take this seriously. I Pray for the families I am lead to, each time I click in and read a new post. And so far, Not one family has suffered the loss of the embie they are carrying and the babies go home happy and healthy. I have been a baby Prayer warrior for over 5 yrs. The latest family I have been led to, I feel is having a girl and she is sticky/staying and going to go home and join her big sister in about 8 mos. Though feeling so "safe" doesn't stop me from Praying each time I visit.

Well, I have more to say, but on other subjects so I will end this blog post and move on to another or not, depending if I can type more. xoxo, Kandi Ann

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