Tuesday, December 22, 2009


To my SPP friends. You all know I love this game. Though lately I have been sick and then freaking out about how SPP is acting. I got lucky and didn't get anything I didn't want. I used to have my V**a card on file and the way they sperse the gold items through the coin items is sad. They KNOW, and I know that they are trying to get people to ACCIDENTLY click and buy gold. That is LOW!

Well, I have had Pupkins and I adore him btw, since the start almost. And My inventory is full up. I don't want to have to use the storage units for all my favorite items when I use them. I am always decorating and taking down and snap shots et. I used to do them on my computer with "prnt scrn".

What I want is people to help get the inventory upped, it makes sense. Why spend so much money on a game and be forced to spend hours going back and forth and sending items. It really really a million times REALLY cuts down on my playing time. And when your sick like me, sometimes you get a few good minutes a day.

OK. on to the good stuff. Go buy some coal or something for very few coins. Send it to me, and send me with that gift an item you would like in the comment of the gift section. If I have it, I will send it, if I don't, I will check out your wish list, and If I still don't, I will send something over that I like!! This is my Christmas gift to those in my group. (considering if I even still have a group. sorta scared I got tossed.) Today is the first day I felt good enough to get this typed up.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to every one at SPP and in my club. xoxo, Kandi Ann


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