Sunday, May 16, 2010

Go figure, I'm in a great mood and feel like writing.

Which is so out of character for me. I usually only feel driven to write when I am hurting or in a crappy mood.

I am sitting out back of my moms house by the pool on my laptop taking a break from sweeping. my feet burn and my body hurts and I have done less then the size of a large bathroom. It looks much better where I swept and I love to see accomplishment. I am learning to accept the pain and make myself smile when I wake up. Sooo hard but so worth it. Took me 40 yrs to figure out being a crab arse isn't helping my already sad state of mind.

I was worried about my virus protection on my computer running out tomorrow and I told my Mom's roommate (who is becoming my friend too. He listens to me, he laughs with me, and he talks with me. I Lurve him, and Taylor loves her Grandpa too!) and he helped me get an updated one. So I am in an ultra good mood. I really thought I would have to put my computer away for an unknown amount of time till I could afford it myself because I won't use the computer online and risk it getting zonked. I put in my 20 dollars Mom gave me for gas (or whatever I may have needed) and he gets a rebate so it wasn't too bad and I am so so grateful.

Autism sucks and then you ask for help and are surprised but delighted when your obliged. I am so not used to this. At comp usa (Please forgive the non usage of capitals, it hurts to type so I just go with it and am grateful to even get this much down) there was horrible beeping every few seconds. I asked the guy there if he wanted me to stay inside and look around he would make it disappear (I was very respectful in asking) and at first he didn't hear it, then he did and then he made it go away. WOW. that was awesome. The only fall back was the employee's all were calling my dog to them, she is a service dog and needs to focus on me. That is always frustrating but more so when its the workers that do this. If I go back, and it happens again I will ask a manager to have his staff just let me browse/buy if I need to.

So I guess that is it. There were some bad stuff from today that really got to me but today, (can't promise tomorrow) I am going to not write about them. God Bless You All!!! xoxo, Kandi Ann & Taylor Abigail (Service Dog/Best friend)


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