Saturday, November 14, 2015

Joey, I'm so sorry! (reference Jennifer Nettles song)

I had a bad time with over heating and sweating and then having trouble standing myself. It took me 24 hours in which I didn't sleep to finally get up and get in the shower. It was like going to Disney world. I thanked God a few times for letting me be able to get up and get it done. The pain lately, is horrid. Most of the pain is from accidents from when I was younger. I am 46 now, so most injuries are over a decade old except when I passed out and fell down my concrete basement stairs 9 years ago, the year and month Cammie the cat was born. I always feel better after writing. Like a quiet that just creeps in and it is wonderful.

 So, This is for a Sweet Sweet Lady, I just wanted to say Hi, give you a virtual hug, a gentle one, and let you know you are my inspiration. I have plans on making a Prayer room so hang in there so I can use it specifically for you. I think about you all, at least five times a day. I wake up and my first thought is you. I have always loved your family and will be your personal Prayer warrior as long as you need me. Rest, and hang in there while God wraps you in his arms and if it is his will, Blesses you with many more months with your beautiful Family. much love.


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