Monday, November 23, 2015

Weirdest Dream

 I don't usually share my dreams. Last time I did, I stopped dreaming for a while. But my dreams to me are so neat that I am going to try again. So last night, I dreamed that I lived in a huge house with many rooms and my dearest friend Nette drove from Washington to Kansas to see me and help me through some stuff. My cousin Charlotte also came to visit and her and the person she came with stayed in one room. When she moved she fell off the bed and the person whom I cannot identify, that was with her, craddled her in their arms and lifted her back on the bed. She had no feet. I did see a little boy with a missing part of his arm and leg yesterday and a picture of my cousin Charlotte so I am going to go with that being the reason that scene played out in my dream. Back to the dream. I walked out and met Nette and her family and gave her a hug then the dream switched to me trying to find which room she and her family chose to stay in. I found them all in one room on one bed, in my dream mind I thought it was amazing that they all chose to be together. What a nice family.

 Also, something very odd to mention, my husband is downstairs and every  time I go to write a blog post he starts talking to me from there. It is so strange how the timing happens like that.

  After I said my Prayers, which I Prayed for every one I could think of I was thinking of sleeping in the same room as my husband. That might have prompted the dream part where every one was in the same room. We do not sleep together or even in the same room due to both of our medical issues. I wish we could though. I would like to try again with our beds in the same room. Actually sleeping in the same bed for now is not an option. I wake up if he breaths and last time, the very last time we slept in the same bed, I knocked in to him accidentally and he kicked me hard. Just thinking he was sleeping helped me get past that.

 Here is the picture I talked about last night. I took the picture on my phone, uploaded it to facebook then saved it from there. I really have to start using my camera and dumping the pictures daily, my goal, or even once a week, till I get into a groove.

 I watch Friends and Law and Order SVU usually all day. I am really into things being the same and I am comforted by the voices of these shows.We still haven't eaten breakfast nor has the desire been there. I guess I did so much yesterday that my body is mad at me and hurting pretty bad. Hopefully I will feel better here shortly. Oh and first day in four I haven't had a engergy drink.


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