Sunday, December 06, 2015

The craziest stuff happens to us

 Are we the only ones that have the "We were just talking about that" moments? I will be reading online and the exact sentence I am reading is spoken online. It happened twice just today alone. Or hubby and I speak of something and it comes on T.V.  So this morning I was reading up on this because someone mentioned on a group I am on that their rat had the same thing. I have a rat that I named Nemo, my first one ever born a cryptoid, (where one Teste is stuck in his tummy area and didn't drop) to any rats I have had over thirty years. But that isn't the strangest thing. We were watching Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet that came out here in America on 11/14/2015 but today was the first time we seen it of course! Not only was the vet speaking of cryptorchidism but she was preforming a neuter on a dog with it, whose name is also Nemo. We couldn't believe it. It was a "are you kidding me" moment.

 I also believe and have said, It is my fault Nemo ended up with one teste not dropped. Cause Nemo had one small fin and its just how names work, had I just known. Well, now I believe it more and more then ever ever ever. There is a dog in Alaska named Nemo who also had one smaller teste that didn't drop. He was neutered and so will our Nemo be hopefully early next year.

 This is a repeat post of this picture. But it is my favorite Nemo picture. I call it "oh Nemo".


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