Saturday, November 28, 2015

Horrible pain this AM.

 I was ready to go to the Dr. this morning about 11 am. I checked my calendar and it is Saturday. Of course. (No I do not keep track of the days yet. Maybe someday) Then I remembered that I forgot to take my morning Tramadol. Yep. I actually called myself stupid and that has always been a bad word. Then I was sitting around sooo very hungry wishing my husband was awake (Yep, he feeds me anytime I need being fed, I am not a kitchen person, I prefer to think of the kitchen as a magical place that spits food out all pretty and ready to eat, no worries, this was agreed upon before we even said I Do!) After about fifteen minutes of squirming, as we do not wake each other if we can help it, I remembered that DH got cereal for me so I could feed myself in the morning if he wasn't up. So I set that bowl down next to my chair when I had my fill, forgot it was there, tripped over it and it went over and made a mess. I don't get stressed over stuff like that though, I just cleaned it up. I know I spill and drop stuff so I am usually very careful where I put my drinks and food. But know, if I change it up, there will be spillage.

 We cleaned rat cages today and I got some great pictures of my babies. Here are the favorites. The first one I call, "Oh Nemo"!

The next one is Julia our kitten helping me, or making cleaning cages just a bit harder. Love this girl.

This third one is Gideon. My first self Cinnamon (I think, rare color for me anyways). He has a bit of congestion from getting a bit of a chill, I would like to ask for Prayers for him. He is my honey and I just adore him.

O.k. One more. I love reading blogs with pictures and I hope when I read back a few years from now, that I am delighted by the fact I have saved all of this.

This next picture is Pie Aka Life of Pie. This is not a trick of the camera. He really is that big, our biggest boy in fact. He is our Angels son.

 Well, I guess that is all. I am trying to write every day. I want people who have family that are autistic to find this because I am 46 and still do not feel like a grown up. I grew up on the street, left home at 10 the first time and missed out on so much of being raised and taught and I never figured it out. I do believe if my Mother wasn't as amazing as she was with me for those first many years, I wouldn't have made it. And even though I left home due to another family member, she still took care of me financially till I got my SSI at 21. And even then she did what she could, still does actually. I know I am blessed.  I am on week one of being on a schedule and am so dang proud of myself I am tweeking it and trying to get it right. I used to sleep 12 to 15 hours a night but I was also up for 36 to 48 hours at a time because I DO NOT SLEEP WITHOUT MEDS. So now I am finding that since I have been sleeping every night, nine hours is good and I pop up at 4 am. Not so good. so now I am pushing bedtime till about 8:30 pm or 9:00. Hoping I am successful. I am finding I am very excited that I actually get a little sleepy at night now and look forward to going to bed and look forward to getting up.

  Ok, one more thing, my dear friend Jessica said she might come over tomorrow, and for the first time ever, I didn't have to say, well text first to see if I am awake. I will be awake and that is that. What a blessing this schedule is turning out to be.


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