Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! Next day recap

 Up at 4 am to thaw out the Turkey, eh, up that early cause I couldn't sleep, so I thawed out the Turkey. Woke the hubby up around eight after the turkey was thawed because he is the cook around these parts. We had a nice day. I spent all day watching The Joey and Rory Show on RFDTV . I spend most days in my room in my chair and yesterday was no exception. I did make it a point to go downstairs and get a few pictures. I need to remember next year to get a picture of myself. But at least I got the hubby, the bird, the green bean casserole and my plate. It was amazing. Except the casserole. Found out today that the Cream of Mushroom soup was different as was the topping. I sure could tell by taste but I didn't miss it. The turkey with gravy and Stove Top sure filled me up. I am Thankful to be inside. I will never forget being homeless and alone. We are very blessed to have had our fourth Thanksgiving together. Here are a few pictures.


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